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Sole Parent Employment Placement Service

In-Work NZ (Inwork) delivers this service throughout the Auckland Region, in the Waikato, and Wellington regions of Work and Income.

With employment as the focus, the Sole Parent Employment Placement Service (SPEPS) is targeted to those Clients of Work and Income who are in receipt of:
  • Domestic Purposes Benefit
  • Emergency Maintenance Allowance
  • Widows Benefit, who with additional assistance, are able to progress towards employment.

This service is made up of an employment coaching component, employment placement component, with post placement support provided to those who achieve and employment outcome.

The Employment Coaching component may include, but is not limited to:
  • Assessment to determine Client eligibility and suitability
  • Provision of a comprehensive CV and covering letters
  • One on One Career advice.  This recognises the Client's strengths and identifies their interests, career aspirations, and how to make affective career choices to realise their preferred future
  • Workshops to Clients that are applicable and relevant
  • Develop and maintain confidence and motivation, with focus upon achieving employment and career goals
  • Maintain a liaison role with Work and Income
  • Enhance Clients ability to problem sole and self manage employment related issues in future unaided
  • Career and Progression Plan

The Employment Placement component
  • Practice of interview techniques and learn about different approaches and response to interviews
  • Provide the tools for effective job searching
  • Advice and assistance with budgeting
  • Advice and assistance with travel
  • Arranging employment positions for Clients

Post Placement Support
Post Placement Support is delivered for a minimum of 31 days post employment start.


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A genuine commitment to service delivery, key values and professionalism has enabled inwork to help 95.70% of clients achieve a critical job retention milestone of being employed for six months or longer.  This equates to 10,833 individuals, all sustainably employed.  Read more