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Inwork is about supporting clients to work and experience both the economic and social benefits that labour market participation brings. 

Workforce participation is a critical pathway to well-being not only for individuals but their families and communities. Employment empowers people to break the cycle of disadvantage, providing a means for people to improve their access to health, housing, education and improved living standards. Challenges around improving education, health, housing and benefit outcomes are as varied as the people we serve. As an example Pacific people require different approaches to effectively engage the community. Our response will encompass the collective and spiritual contexts underpinning a mix of cultures, while creating an interface between these contexts and that of the culture of employment. 

In-Work (Inwork) delivers programmes as a seamless model, transitioning the Client throughout the service, with the goal of a sustainable permanent employment outcome. From the referral, Inwork is looking to ensure that the Client and their families are engages in this process.  Buy in and application are going to be vital to achievement.  Our programmes are framed as virtual employment environments. As an example, for many of our Youth Clients, the Education System has not worked for them, indeed many have been disenfranchised from school and tertiary programmes. True to its name, Inwork does not want to duplicate this and delivers an environment, not too dissimilar from that of employment. Inwork staff prefer to empower Clients to manage their own way forward. We provide guidelines, mentoring and coaching.  Clients are expected to be accountable and responsible for their actions and outputs. This includes ensuring timeliness, being dressed for work, and outcome focused.

Our service is a Client driven combination of Workshops and One on One Individual Appointments. Our Employment Team are more than pleased to work one on one with Clients who prefer the individualised approach.   

Our Employment Team are supervising the Job Search, using our On-Line facilities and the range of other resources available. This will include the Inwork staff locating employment opportunities and forwarding Clients to those jobs. Once the Employment outcome is secured, the Inwork Support Team are engaged to progress the Client and ensure stakeholders such as Family, Employer and Work and Income are engaged as appropriate.  The rationale for this Style and Method is one of flexibility and delivery ethos that meets the needs of this Client group. The programme is very exciting in that it has been crafted by staff passionate in this area. Clients have indicated a willingness to work, our challenge is to create an environment that is engaging positive, encouraging of achievement and assists with the transition to employment. The programme is detailed and thorough, combining the best elements of Inwork successful placement programmes, with input from our Employment Team Both the personal and vocational needs of the Client are assessed and considered, with an Individual Plan developed to meet the set goals. 

Consultant time and workshops work with the client to address barriers and prepare the client for work or training. By engaging existing support networks, having the flexibility to deliver in a manner sensitive to the needs of the Client, we stand the best opportunity to prepare the Client for employment and more seamlessly transition through the stages to a sustained outcome. Time has also been invested into the Exit Process. Inwork is mindful of the fact that all due care and attention must be given at this delicate time as the Client transitions. Any anxieties around this process can de-rail the outcome and take the client backwards  When the Clients arrive at the 12 week time frame they are well into the Transition to Outcome component. Review of the Career Plan, further Assessments and reviews have taken place at the end of the 4 week point, the outcome of this review will have deemed the Client to be either Outcome Ready or Outcome Ready has Barriers to address.

Given the resources being dedicated to this programme, Inwork will use all endeavours to ensure that the Clients achieve an employment outcome. At Client Review, the performance of Inwork will be evaluated (Client Feedback – Any Complaints) and it may be appropriate to allocate a different Inwork staff member to manage the needs of the Client. Should Inwork have been able to address the remaining barriers, (Individual Appointments) a report will be sent to the Programme Co-ordinator and Case Manager requesting an extension of time to assist the Client achieve an outcome. The placement phase of the programme is a combination of strategies that have proven track record and traction.  

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A genuine commitment to service delivery, key values and professionalism has enabled inwork to help 95.70% of clients achieve a critical job retention milestone of being employed for six months or longer.  This equates to 10,833 individuals, all sustainably employed.  Read more