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Employer Testimonials

Testimonial from Mark Pepperell, Director of Waikato Suspended Ceilings Ltd. Inwork has been been assisting Mark to find staff in all areas of his business, from administration to labouring.

Tena Koe
To Whom It May Concern
Waikato Suspended Ceiling Services Ltd has been working with Tania from Inwork NZ for many years and we are extremely happy with the service she provides. She is always helpful, offers really great advice, is thorough, and goes all out to find us the right kind of people for our business.  We have employed many people over the years from Inwork, and right now employ four people on staff, and utilise the services of one contractor, directed to us by Inwork. These are all people who have been on benefits and who have wanted to work. Tania is great at selecting staff for us that she knows will ‘fit’ with our philosophy of commitment and hard work.
Tania is ‘on to it’. She listens to what we need and then goes all out to find the staff we are looking for. As far as we are concerned, if you are looking for good people to meet your company’s requirements, Tania is the ‘go to’ person to help find the staff you need.
Kia Ora
Mark Pepperell
Waikato Suspended Ceilings Ltd



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